Mental Health Skill-Building Services

Eligibility Criteria (MHSS)

ACCENT Group and Family Services provides MHSS to individuals with significant functional impairment in major life activities due to a mental, emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorder. The MHSS program uses goal-directed training to enable individuals to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. ACCENT accepts Medicaid for MHSS Services.

MHSS Qualifications

Mental Health Skill-Building Services by Accent
  • Receive Medicaid and are ages 18 to 70
  • Are diagnosed with a qualifying mental illness
  • Have been prescribed psychotropic medication in the last 12 months (even if not taking it)
  • Have been hospitalized for crisis services, TDO, or other intensive services
  • Have significant impairment in major life activities—problems with daily living skills
  • Need skill-building interventions to maintain community stability and independence
  • Have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, isolation, and the ability to recognize personal danger or inappropriate social behavior
  • Have received repeated interventions from mental health services, social services, or the judicial system

Pre-Screening Assessments are provided by ACCENT for the MHSS program.


  • Initial assessment of competency and adaptive functioning
  • Individualized treatment plan to address identified issues
  • Community-based intervention and crisis response
  • Care coordination services with associated professionals
  • Referral to community support systems
  • Education and training on independent living skills to ensure health and safety
  • Skill-building interventions for reduction of isolation and development of interpersonal coping and communication skills
  • Goal-directed training to develop and enhance job-related skills
  • Mental Health Symptoms Management
  • Medication Management

ACCENT Group and Family Services provides 24/7 emergency assistance to MHSS recipients.